"Dear Amanda and Jacqueline,

I just wanted to add my thanks for the support your charity is providing for some of our most vulnerable families. I know that it will make a huge difference to them and allow many of our children to have access to nutritious food when they may not have otherwise. I am not sure enough people understand the struggles that many families face, in terms of providing for the basic needs of their children in this country today, and I am just grateful that there are still people who care about that and want to help."

  • Headteacher - Primary School, Brent

"Dear Amanda & Jacqueline

Thank you very much for donating 36 food parcels last week. They were distributed to all our pupils eligible for Free School Meals. These are our families most in need at the present time. Parents were very pleased to receive the food parcels. They appreciated the fact that someone was thinking of them and that their children were not forgotten.

We would also like to add that you are doing a fantastic volunteer service offering these food parcels. Parents look forward to receiving them again.​"

  • School Business Manager - Primary School, Barnet

"Thank you for your kind donation of food bags that we received last week for our key worker and vulnerable students. They were delighted with the goodies you had provided.

Thank you for the rest of your work you are doing in the community to support those in need."

  • Headteacher - Secondary School, Hertfordshire

"Firstly I would like to thank you for your amazing food parcels this week. They were very gratefully received. Your food was amazing quality; which has helped to eliminate the stigma attached to food banks, and we would love to continue to work with you. Any food parcels and/or donations would be welcomed."

  • Headteacher - Children's Centre & Primary School, Barnet

"My daughters came home from school very excited and happy with a bag of goodies each and I just wanted to say thank you. I really appreciate your kindness. All of the products were things that I would not normally buy but can honestly say I would buy them now as the girls liked them so much. Once again, thank you!"

  • Parent - Primary School, Harrow

"Thank you very much! We had brilliant feedback from our families last week and people even saying this morning that they were looking forward to their bag today! That's a fantastic win with our families with regard to trying new foods and healthy choices, as well as much needed support during these hard times."

  • Headteacher - Primary School, Brent

"I received my pack this morning and I have just made the bologna, it's absolutely delicious! I'm pescatarian and have struggled to find a recipe I like for spag bol but thanks to you I have found it! My kids all loved it too and so did my husband. Thank you so very much for all the work you're both doing for the community, it is very much appreciated."

  • Parent - Primary School, Hertfordshire

"This is to say a big thank you for what we received from you. You are touching lives and we really appreciate you. We are grateful for everything, thank you."

  • Parent - Primary School, Barnet

"Dear Amanda and Jacqueline,

I hope you are both well. I wanted to say a very big thank you from us all. Your Friday parcels have been very well received and so easy to distribute as they are so thoughtfully considered and already packed. You are really supporting some of our most vulnerable families over the weekend, when we know the children are not receiving school dinners.

I think your donations from your charity have been a real life-saver for many."

  • Headteacher - Primary School, Brent

"I hope that you are both well and managed to find time to relax over the Easter holiday. I wanted to write and say thank you for selecting our school to continue to receive the food parcels that you have generously given to the school over the past few months. They have been gratefully received and I know the families have benefited from having them. We are so thankful to have links with organisations like yourselves to help us carry out our vision for the children and families we serve.

Thank you once again."

  • Headteacher - Primary School, Hertfordshire