Our Story

Meet Amanda & Jacqueline - two teacher friends - who have a passion for education, creativity and making a difference. Our days are filled with teaching, leading the curriculum at our current school and studying for a headship qualification. You'd think this was enough...

However, 2020 marked a change in everyone's lives and for us, we began to re-assess the part we played in society. We wanted to make a difference to children's lives, and not solely through teaching the curriculum.

In November 2020, we established Give. Help. Share. and our initial aim was to complete impactful daily deeds and share them, in order to motivate others to do the same. We spent our lunch breaks and weekends providing food and clothing to the homeless, donating to foodbanks and charity shops and buying festive gifts for children who needed them most.

At the same time, our attention was drawn to Marcus Rashford's #EndChildFoodPoverty campaign and we were shocked to learn that a staggering four million children do not have the funds to access healthy food in the UK. It didn't take long until we'd reached our long-term vision: to provide children with healthy, nutritious food boxes at the end of the school day, re-educating families on food choice. We've learnt first-hand how the power of the plant can support and transform our bodies, so it made sense to move our education in the classroom into family homes via vegan food boxes, sharing the goodness with others. Our first stage was to approach companies asking for food donations and we were overwhelmed with their support.

Fast forward one month to January 2021, and our first food packages were distributed during a national lockdown. We're now supplying more than 2000 families monthly via schools and children's centres, and received official charity status in March 2021 - it's been a busy few months! If you're reading this as the recipient of a food parcel, we hope your children enjoy some healthy treats - there's plenty more to come!

Be in touch with us via the contact tab with any questions.

With love and positive plant-based vibes,

Amanda & Jacqueline x